The Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center held a seminar program on Wednesday, 3/6/2024, at nine in the morning, in the center’s hall.
A workshop entitled (Basics and Uses of PCR Technology) was delivered by( Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahdi Jawad) a lecturer at the University of Baghdad / College of Education for Pure Sciences / Ibn Al-Haytham. It was attended by a number of teaching staff from the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center.

PCR is a laboratory technique that was discovered in 1983. This technology is used to copy DNA in the laboratory.
The lecturer introduced the audience to the concept of this technique, clarified the most important components needed to conduct it, and provided a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the steps for performing this technique, along with its most important practical applications in the field of medicine and science. The workshop was accompanied by the attendees’ interventions, and the lecturer answered all the questions posed by them.

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