Advanced Materials Research Department

 Advanced Materials Research Department:

This Department features many Scientific and research activities through the preparations of nanomaterials, measurements and testing the produced materials which will be applied in many areas and scientific activities, including:


 Nanotechnology in the field of energy :

The research teams in this activity work to develop the non-conventional energy sources via employing nanomaterials in the manufacturing processes. Scientific researches in this field Include the development of solar cells, wind power, thermoelectric materials and manufacturing high energy storage batteries as well as other researches for the manufacture of thermal insulation and efficient superconducting materials, optical sensors and optical emitters.



Nanotechnology in the field of environment and industry :

These research groups work on in the development of optical sensors that are able to detect gases and toxic vapors and hazardous chemicals based on the interaction of chemical materials with sensor also can be used as a piezoelectric crystal in the  sensing of conventional detectors in different areas, for example, analysis of agricultural, horticultural and veterinary; water and microbial contamination; clinical diagnosis and medical applications and dynamic analysis industrial gases and liquids; mining and toxic gases and explosives and military arena, and flavors, extracts and pheromones. As an example of the piezoelectric bio probe that can be used to monitor the level of pollution in the environment, including land, air and water. The sensor can also be placed for the biological monitoring of water quality through tests for contaminants and residues of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins and microbes in the water tanks.




 Nanotechnology in the field of petroleum industry :

In the area petroleum industry, the research teams are working on the development of nanoscale catalysts in applications of oil refineries as isomerization to produce fuel with high specifications. As well as the evolution of efficiency of lubrication oils for engines which operate on diesel fuel and gasoline. Moreover, the teams work on the development and production of excavators for oil wells with high specifications using nanotechnology techniques which work in the development of nano-sensors that are able to detect gases.




Nanotechnology in the field of protection of pipes and equipment from corrosion :

The center includes specialized teams in the field of corrosion protection equipment tanks, transported pipes of oil and gas using the nanotechnology techniques, as well as using protection and advanced coating methods. On the other hand, the center specializes to conduct all engineering tests for manufactured materials and raw materials to determine their suitability for various engineering applications.


Applications of stimulation and mathematical analysis :

The center contains a set of computers and special software packages to perform the stimulation and mathematical analysis.

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