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The Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research, in cooperation with the Women’s Affairs Unit in the Department of Laser Engineering and Optoelectronics, organized the workshop entitled (Safety and Biosecurity), which was held on Sunday, 4/28/2024, in the center’s hall. The lecture was given by (Professor Dr. Mustafa Riyad Muhammad Al-Shaheen ) The honorable from the Department of Biotechnology/College of Science, Anbar University. The workshop was attended by a group of university teachers, affiliates, and students.
During the workshop, the lecturer touched on: introducing the attendees to biosecurity, dangerous biological materials and agents, and the correct methods of dealing with and handling them in safe conditions that guarantee the safety of the individual and society, in addition to common diseases caused by biological agents and how to control them, with the necessity of following safety rules in laboratories. The workshop included discussions. Scientific knowledge by attendees
The lecturer also recommended during his lecture the necessity of opening safety and biosecurity courses on an ongoing basis and binding on all relevant personnel.

Within the national campaign to promote authentic Iraqi values ​​and in accordance with the directives issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding the need for universities to address social problems by holding workshops in this regard, and the need for Iraqi academics and intellectuals to take an active role in them and find successful solutions to those problems,
On Wednesday, 3/27/2024, at 10:30 a.m., the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center held a workshop in the center’s hall entitled (Administrative corruption, its causes, effects, and methods of confronting it). The lecture was given by (A. T. Khitam Salem Shaker) from the Department of Chemical Engineering.
The workshop addressed the definition of administrative corruption, its characteristics and manifestations, the risks of administrative corruption, its internal and external causes and its effects, including the waste of public money, the effects of corruption on the economic, legal, political and social levels, and ways to combat and prevent administrative corruption, the most important of which are administrative and judicial methods. The workshop included some discussions by the attendees, and the workshop concluded with the distribution of a certificate of participation to the lecturer.

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