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The Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center is organizing a symposium entitled

(Sound management of scientific research and participation in global conferences)



    The Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research, in cooperation with the Environmental Research Center and the Center for Energy Technology and Renewable Energies at the University of Technology, organized on 25/12/2017 a central symposium on the sound management of scientific research and participation in international conferences.

    The seminar included two sessions and seven lectures focused on the outputs of scientific research and conferences at the University of Technology and the scientific and practical requirements in writing scientific research and the importance of scientific participation in international conferences and how to develop them in scientific publishing sober.

     The seminar also addressed the most important requirements for scientific publishing sober away from plagiarism as well as learn how to deal with Thomson-Reuters influence coefficient in various disciplines. The symposium also included the role of scientific research in raising the quality standard and classification of universities and how to find sources of funding for scientific research.


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