As a result of the volunteer work campaigns carried out by the University of Technology coinciding with National Afforestation Day, and with reference to the book of the Department of Scientific Affairs, No. (164/A.S.) dated (2/25/2024), the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center was established in cooperation with the Materials Engineering Department under the auspices of Mr. President of the University A. Dr.. The respected Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghaban, a workshop entitled:
(The benefits of afforestation for humans and the environment) delivered by (Eng. Hoda Abbas Zidan)
In the presence of the Ministerial Committee for Higher Education and Scientific Research and in the presence of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Professor Dr. Khawla Salah Khashan, the Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Professor Dr. Farhad Muhammad Othman, the Honorable Dr. Khaled Omran Ali, the Head of the Chemical Safety and Security Department at the Ministry of Higher Education, and the official in charge of the Agricultural Division of the Ministry of Higher Education. For the Office Affairs Department of the Chief Engineer, the respected Sahar Jawad Mahdi and Prof. M.D. The respected Muhammad Muayyad, Director of the Department of Studies and Planning at our university, and Prof. Dr. Riyad Sadiq Al-Mukhtar, the respected Chairman of the University CBRN Committee and a number of university teachers and employees..
This workshop is considered an activity organized by the Center to celebrate this day and within the framework of concern for and preservation of the environment, encouraging interest in planting trees and plants in Iraq, and emphasizing the awareness of university students and members to contribute to supporting the environmental reality and the necessity of getting rid of environmental pollutants of various kinds, combating desertification in Iraq, and creating an environmentally friendly environment. Clean, safe, pollution-free.
The workshop aimed to learn about the standards of the afforestation process, the importance of afforestation in improving the environment, and the importance of green spaces for mental health.
Afforestation is an important part of the environmental system that must be preserved, and it contributes greatly to enhancing environmental balance by reducing water and air pollution and reducing and strengthening soil erosion, in addition to its major role in maintaining the moderate Earth’s climate and cooling cities. It is also a habitat for many organisms. Wild animals and a source of renewable natural energy, and the benefits of afforestation for human health are not limited only to the physical aspects, but also extend to psychological and mental health. Therefore, it is encouraged to include more green spaces in cities and enhance efforts to improve and maintain biodiversity for our overall health benefits.

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