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1-Spectroscopy Laboratory


This laboratory includes sets of spectral and optical equipment to measure the optical and electrical properties of nano-thin films:

o   Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

o   Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy

o   UV-Vis spectrophotometer

o   Flame Photometer


2- Advanced Measurements Laboratory


This laboratory includes sets of a descriptive and diagnostic equipment to measure the nanoscale materials and structures of various forms to identify the sizes and shapes of these materials.

o   Scanning Electron Microscope

o   X-Ray Diffractometer

o   Scanning Probe Microscope

o   Optical Microscope

o   Particle Size Analyzer

o   Zeta Potential

o   Compression Test Instrument

o   Ultrasonic  Test Instrument

o   X-Ray Flow Detector

o   Impact Resistance

o   Hardness Test Instrument

o   Grinding and Polishing Instrument

o   Micro-Hardness Test Instrument

o   GEL Electrophoresis Of Nucleic Acids

o   Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

o   Gas Chromatography

o   Spectrometer


3- Nano-Bio-Medical Laboratory


This laboratory includes sets of equipment dealing with microbiology in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, immune and gene therapy techniques nanoparticles and tissue engineering.

o   GEL Electrophoresis Of Nucleic Acids

o   Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

o   Laminar Air Flow

o   Cool Shaker Incubator

o   Spectrometer


4- Thin Films and Coating Laboratory


This Laboratory includes sets of equipment to prepare and deposition of materials and nanostructures (thin films, powders and colloidal) in various methods (physical and chemical) to study its applications in various fields

o   Electro Spinning

o   C-Fiber Laser (femtosecond)

o   Laminar Air Flow

o   Water Bath System

o   Spin Coater

o   Physical Vapor Deposition System

o    Pulse Laser Deposition/ Ablation Systems

o    Chemical Vapor Deposition System

o    High temperature and Muffle Furnaces

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