Advanced measurements Laboratory

This laboratory includes sets of a descriptive and diagnostic equipment to measure the nanoscale materials and structures of various forms to identify the sizes and shapes of these materials.

o   Scanning Electron Microscope

o   X-Ray Diffractometer

o   Scanning Probe Microscope

o   Optical Microscope

o   Particle Size Analyzer

o   Zeta Potential

o   Compression Test Instrument

o   Ultrasonic  Test Instrument

o   X-Ray Flow Detector

o   Impact Resistance

o   Hardness Test Instrument

o   Grinding and Polishing Instrument

o   Micro-Hardness Test Instrument

o   GEL Electrophoresis Of Nucleic Acids

o   Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

o   Gas Chromatography

o   Spectrometer