Training Courses

Courses and training programs in the fields of nanotechnology: It has been prepared to develop applied scientific training programs at the center by including modern scientific developments in the fields of nanotechnology. These programs are carried out to State institutions through the development of specialized science courses in subjects which supply the industrial sector, where these programs include practical training inside the center on the operational devices.

The most important of these courses include: click here

  Research published globally for Nanotechnology Center plane for the year 2017 goes into NASA's
02 January 2019
A research team at the Center publishes scientific research in an international journal   The
24 October 2018
Participation of the Center in the Second Technology Conference of the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate
20 February 2018
Symposium entitled "The initiative to publish 250 research in global journals and registration
20 February 2018
The Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center is organizing a symposium entitled
08 January 2018
Mr. Issa Daham Glob, a researcher in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center, he has
04 December 2017
The President of the University of Technology congratulates the Nanotechnology and Advanced
04 December 2017
The Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center held a seminar entitled "Scientific and
04 December 2017

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